Billboard – Final Evaluation

This project was a success from the start. No matter how many problems got in my way I overcome them and kept my cool. I created a idea from inspiration of other peoples idea’s and my final result was epic. I managed to pick a amazing team of different creative individuals and when working together not only did we get the job done we had fun whilst we was doing it.

Everything was planned well from the start and signed off on the basis I done a little more research into making the bottle of Coca Cola look cold and wet and frosted. I achieved this by using the relevant products and watching tutorial videos online. My only regret was that I didn’t have time to backlight it once I had got started on the day, so even though I lit the bottle well, it could have been slightly improved if you could see the liquid inside the bottle more clearly.

Colour Grading towards the final image was a success and I gave it the kind of clarity ect it needed to give it a real punch. The image worked with all the different sized billboards the only thing I would have changed was all the black bare space.

The uniform I ordered as a Plan B worked out perfect on the day as on the day the uniform the model had brought with him didn’t all fit properly as he had borrowed it from a friend and obviously wasn’t very well prepared himself. So having a backup uniform saved the day and thats when I realised that being well organised like I am saved my ass because otherwise the shoot could have been ruined. Lesson to anyone reading this always have a backup plan like I do because you never know, and can’t always rely on other people.

All the team arrived on time that day except the model! He was between half a hour to an hour late and this was very frustrating for me however I managed to keep my cool and kept all the team busy doing other tasks whilst we waited like test shoots, spraying the bottles with de-icer and wax ect, and getting all the uniform and props ready.

We had 4 glass coca cola bottles ready all looking different from one another. One was frosted, one was wet, one was plain and once was a combination of all the elements. This gave us plenty of different looks to work with.

Once my model arrived he apologised and we got straight to work. He was a good model but because of not being on time he is not someone I would use again unfortunately. However he completed all the poses me and the stylist wanted and listened to me clearly and we all did not stop as a team until we had everything perfect.

4 Other Unique Poses With Frosted and Wet Glass Bottles

We finished the shoot with enough time to pack away the equipment and be out the door for 4:00pm. I think at various times my tutor Chris was not sure if I would finish in time because of the model being late but I picked up my pace and he was happy for me that it all went to plan and finished on point.

If I could do the shoot again I would have perhaps liked to have shot it all on location and had something war themed as the backdrop like a war bunker or sum-thing cool. But this was a studio shoot and I had to stick to the brief and I am happy with the outcome none the less and I now have more of a passion for Advertising photography than I did before.

Not forgetting to mention that during this particular unit one of my photos from the tasks of the unit got published in the RPS magazine for February. So a big success all round and hopefully this work and effort I put in hopefully pays off to getting a descent overall mark from my tutors.

National Trust – Final Evaluation

This project has now come to a end and with everything in place and ready for hand in it was time to give you my final evaluation.

I started off this project pretty worried and was not looking forward to it as I have never shot real landscape photography before. This was not a strong point for me and I had no experience in this type of photography. It has taken me months of research to gain the right amount of knowledge in how to take a good landscape photo and I now feel extremely confident in my approach. I also had no knowledge of The National Trust and this project has made me realise how important their job is and what they are doing for the future generations to come.

I learnt during this project what the National Trust would have wanted from a project like this as my client. I also learned that during this project I had to take on the role not only as the Photographer, but the Art Directer and the Client at times as well. The National Trust’s job is to protect, preserve and maintain the culture, heritage and history of nature in every form. I choose to work on Cliff Erosion throughout my project and I learned a considerable amount of information of how many years it takes for erosion to happen, what different types of chalk and rock there is and why the National Trust are protecting it. This is reflected in my final photos and my research. I feel confident I have done the best I can to make this project the best it could be and the time and effort that has gone into this project is a very considerable amount.

If I ever have to shoot Landscape for a client this project has given me the knowledge and practice to do that now. I also am really happy with the confidence I have gained from doing this project traveling on my own around areas I was not familiar with. I learned the importance of a Recce and how important planning was with weather conditions ect. I also built a closer bond with my father during the lifts he gave me to and from some of the destinations (White Cliffs Of Dover, Birling Gap & Seven Sisters, Horsey Windpump). I have even developed my relationship and made good contacts with the Flash Centre in London and rented out some very expensive equipment and built trust with them now so If I ever need anything they will help me out when I need it.

A few problems for me though was the fact we are shooting landscapes however the layouts provided by our tutors for the posters requires mostly portrait shots rather than landscapes like the brochure. This made it extremely difficult for me as I don’t feel like you can always fit everything in so perhaps the answer to that would be more closer detail shots next time. Another problem I came across was when I went to Dorset, I only packed one pair of jeans for the trip and when falling over unexpected I had to wear my formal trousers for one day of the trip whilst getting the jeans washed in the Hotel. I also was unfortunate in Dorset to have unexpected bad weather and had to cancel the Isle of Purbeck shoot, leaving me wishing I had possibly booked a few more days than planned.

The biggest problem of all was when I done a recce for Horsey Windpump. My dad drove us all the way to the destination taking around about 4/5 hours! and when we got to the postcode given online it wasn’t the right place. We was in a derelict farmhouse in the middle of no where so then my dad then got out his map and helped me get their when the sat nav failed on us. Once arriving I was hugely disappointed as their was nothing around and the windmill itself was being restored and not currently working. This was a complete wasted day but it made me realise how important a recce is because otherwise I could have gone during my week to shoot and would have messed up my plans big time.

If I could do the whole project again I would learn from some of the mistakes from above and also I would have liked a assistant with me if the brief had of allowed it, as at certain times it was very tricky to carry everything and do everything all on my own when in Dorset. It also would have really helped if I had of passed my driving test so this is definitely something I need to get sorted by the time I graduate University. I also would be more cautious about going to close to the cliff edge in certain locations as I had a fair few times I could have fallen over the edge. I also would have liked to have been able to have stayed until Sun-Set in certain locations but this was not possible as my hotel was too far away so perhaps next time book a hotel closer to the action!.

On the technical side of things I have taught myself how to colour grade because of this project and now I will be able to apply this to all of my future shoots. After watching various tutorial videos from Phase One and Lynda I have a clear understanding of how it all works. Another great thing I have learnt from Phase One tutorial videos is how to shoot Landscapes on manual and without a filter and still manage to capture the sun ect in my shots (shooting F-stop 3.5 with a ISO of 50 and a shutter speed of 2,000th of a second) and also they have taught me how to shoot long exposures of up to a minute. This was information I would have not known until this project pushed me in to learning it all. I also got to try out the 35mm Phase One Blue Ring Lens from the Flash Centre for the first ever time. Also stacking has been applied to some of my photos via Helicon Focus a application I hadn’t used until this project came into play.

This project was brilliant! and has changed me and made me a different more positive person from it. Knowledge is power and with the new knowledge I have attained I feel I am one step closer to becoming a real professional photographer. A project I started off with hate slowly turned into a project I loved more than any I have completed yet. I hope you have enjoyed sharing this journey with me courtesy of my blog and if you ever get the chance I really recommend the places I visited as this has proven to me personally that England can be just as beautiful as any other country in this world and its right on your own doorstep.

Billboard – The Story & Evolution Of This Idea

We was given the brief to this project just before Christmas and as far as I can remember this unit is probably one of the longest running units we have had tilted ‘Advertising’. This project is now complete and I have enjoyed this one from the start without any hesitation.

I was able to get both this and National Trust signed off the first time round with my tutors as my idea’s were great and well thought out/structured. This idea in particular went down a treat however for the first ever time when a project has been set, this wasn’t my first initial idea. My first idea was to do with a billboard that was for a junkyard agency. It was going to feature 2 women in the work uniform of the company with lingerie showing underneath and the slogan was going to be “we want your junk” however this idea was weak and not very well thought out.

By the time it had come to sign off I had done plenty more research through advertising books and reading books like confessions of a advertising man by David Ogilvy and watching TV shows like Mad Men ect that it had got my creative juices flowing with idea’s and it came down to ‘what idea will stand out and work best on a billboard and grab! the viewers attention’.

Thats when I had the idea from looking through one of the Advertising books I got out from the library with old advertising posters in it I had seen this one below with Lord Kitchener and I thought wow! this definitely grabs your attention but its old and dated and just a sketch. Could I work with this somehow?


When reading up online about Mad Men in the finale series I found out they have the client Coca Cola and in the final episode at the end you see a Coca Cola advert that Don designed for them and its a true masterpiece. This again made me think Coca Cola would be a excellent client to work for. So I looked online and in shops to see what latest greatest product they had released and it was ‘Coca Cola Zero Sugar’

tried it, it does taste like coke

So when sitting down at my desk drawing sketches I thought what would happen if I combined these two great idea’s together and create my own new take on it all. Months later and it finally came to my shoot day and with all my planning and preparation, this is what happened and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Evalauation Photo

Coca Cola Final

To date this is by far one of my most personal favourite images I have shot yet. With the over head lighting I learnt from Chris in the record cover task, and the idea using the honeycomb for direct light onto the coke bottle this all came together and created something that looks visually stunning and grabs your attention.

This image on a billboard positioned at the right height (or possibly photoshopping his eyes looking down on higher billboards) what grab the viewers attention in 5 seconds or less thus doing its job as a Billboard and creating that image in your subconscious mind advertising the product looking fresh and cold and on a summer day in the future this could be very effective advertising to make you buy the product when you see it in the shops.

I am truly proud of myself on this image and for me personally this one is a winner!

Photo Films – Think,Feel,Do!

In todays lesson we had Matt teach us a little bit about adverts in advertising and the 3 key elements in brand analysis Think,Feel and Do.


We started off watching various tv commercials and then we were put in groups of 3 and given a product each. My group ended up with a Omega watch and it was our objective to analyse it using the think, feel, do chart.


Once we did that we then had to pass on our item and chart to another group and then design a story board for the item they had given to us.

We ended up with a wind up torch and came up with the idea about a family lost in a forest with a normal torch and no batteries and a little boy comes to the rescue with this wind up torch from IKEA to save the day.

However this idea was later refined and the little boy became a cartoon fox and I think it did actually kinda work more to be honest.


We then swapped items again with another group, and this was the part where we had to refine the storyboard they had created and put the ideas past them as our client. The product they had was a kids bouncy football and they had come up with the idea about a little kid playing outside with a toy piano that breaks and he starts to cry and the family comes over and hands him a bouncy football.

We decided as a team that this idea was ok but instead of the kid already outside, we wanted it to start off with him in side a dark room playing with the piano and it breaks and then his parents ask him to go outside and hand him a football to play with.

The other group after some persuasion decided to go with our idea and then we had to pitch the idea to the entire class. We used music in our pitch and actions to give the class a bit more idea of what we was trying to get across and build the image in there heads.

Finally Matt then asked us in the last 5 minutes we had left of class to come up with a quick storyboard idea of advert to sell a product of our own choice. Me and Ed both decided on the idea of Va-POO-riser.

This idea was a product created in a comedy advertising film called Envy so technically it wasn’t a real product no, however it had been invented by Jack black in the film and the storyboard we created reflected that product but was completely our own commercial idea.

The funny part is the entire class and our tutor was convinced it was a product we had come up with so we kinda pulled the wool over their eyes lol, if only they had seen the film back in 2004! If it was really our idea and actually worked we would have been on Dragons Den by now.

Overall this was a really good lesson today and I think me,the whole class and Matt really enjoyed it. More lessons like this one please!

Photo Films – Task 3

Today I have dedicated the my Saturday to working on Task 3 editing my groups footage from the interview we did with Will in class.

Task 3 required us to take all of the recorded scenes and edit them all together with music if we please and create a short video then exported to a mp4 file for hand in.


I applied all the techniques Matt taught us in the previous classes (above) and after around about 3 hours editing I finally had everything in place and running fairly smoothly.

It was quite difficult getting use to Premier as its not a program I am familiar with at all and I am a complete Newbie! but I’m getting their slowly & gradually and I believe this was a successful first attempt at making a short video.

Here is the finished product (below). The main problem I come across was I run out of footage we shot in Stratford to add to the interview footage, so I had to play around with the scenes a little and some scenes look slightly similar however none are exact doubles.

Once converted to a mp4 file I uploaded the video to my student youtube account. I then copy and pasted the link from youtube and applied it to the graph our Tutor Matt had created for our submissions.

hand in.png

As you can see from the graph (Mine is at the bottom) I am currently up to date with all my work/tasks for this unit so far. Im looking forward to shooting a short film with my group and the main projects will be underway very soon. Stay tuned…