Photo Films – Task 3

Today I have dedicated the my Saturday to working on Task 3 editing my groups footage from the interview we did with Will in class.

Task 3 required us to take all of the recorded scenes and edit them all together with music if we please and create a short video then exported to a mp4 file for hand in.


I applied all the techniques Matt taught us in the previous classes (above) and after around about 3 hours editing I finally had everything in place and running fairly smoothly.

It was quite difficult getting use to Premier as its not a program I am familiar with at all and I am a complete Newbie! but I’m getting their slowly & gradually and I believe this was a successful first attempt at making a short video.

Here is the finished product (below). The main problem I come across was I run out of footage we shot in Stratford to add to the interview footage, so I had to play around with the scenes a little and some scenes look slightly similar however none are exact doubles.

Once converted to a mp4 file I uploaded the video to my student youtube account. I then copy and pasted the link from youtube and applied it to the graph our Tutor Matt had created for our submissions.

hand in.png

As you can see from the graph (Mine is at the bottom) I am currently up to date with all my work/tasks for this unit so far. Im looking forward to shooting a short film with my group and the main projects will be underway very soon. Stay tuned…


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