Photo Films – Think,Feel,Do!

In todays lesson we had Matt teach us a little bit about adverts in advertising and the 3 key elements in brand analysis Think,Feel and Do.


We started off watching various tv commercials and then we were put in groups of 3 and given a product each. My group ended up with a Omega watch and it was our objective to analyse it using the think, feel, do chart.


Once we did that we then had to pass on our item and chart to another group and then design a story board for the item they had given to us.

We ended up with a wind up torch and came up with the idea about a family lost in a forest with a normal torch and no batteries and a little boy comes to the rescue with this wind up torch from IKEA to save the day.

However this idea was later refined and the little boy became a cartoon fox and I think it did actually kinda work more to be honest.


We then swapped items again with another group, and this was the part where we had to refine the storyboard they had created and put the ideas past them as our client. The product they had was a kids bouncy football and they had come up with the idea about a little kid playing outside with a toy piano that breaks and he starts to cry and the family comes over and hands him a bouncy football.

We decided as a team that this idea was ok but instead of the kid already outside, we wanted it to start off with him in side a dark room playing with the piano and it breaks and then his parents ask him to go outside and hand him a football to play with.

The other group after some persuasion decided to go with our idea and then we had to pitch the idea to the entire class. We used music in our pitch and actions to give the class a bit more idea of what we was trying to get across and build the image in there heads.

Finally Matt then asked us in the last 5 minutes we had left of class to come up with a quick storyboard idea of advert to sell a product of our own choice. Me and Ed both decided on the idea of Va-POO-riser.

This idea was a product created in a comedy advertising film called Envy so technically it wasn’t a real product no, however it had been invented by Jack black in the film and the storyboard we created reflected that product but was completely our own commercial idea.

The funny part is the entire class and our tutor was convinced it was a product we had come up with so we kinda pulled the wool over their eyes lol, if only they had seen the film back in 2004! If it was really our idea and actually worked we would have been on Dragons Den by now.

Overall this was a really good lesson today and I think me,the whole class and Matt really enjoyed it. More lessons like this one please!


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