Billboard – Final Evaluation

This project was a success from the start. No matter how many problems got in my way I overcome them and kept my cool. I created a idea from inspiration of other peoples idea’s and my final result was epic. I managed to pick a amazing team of different creative individuals and when working together not only did we get the job done we had fun whilst we was doing it.

Everything was planned well from the start and signed off on the basis I done a little more research into making the bottle of Coca Cola look cold and wet and frosted. I achieved this by using the relevant products and watching tutorial videos online. My only regret was that I didn’t have time to backlight it once I had got started on the day, so even though I lit the bottle well, it could have been slightly improved if you could see the liquid inside the bottle more clearly.

Colour Grading towards the final image was a success and I gave it the kind of clarity ect it needed to give it a real punch. The image worked with all the different sized billboards the only thing I would have changed was all the black bare space.

The uniform I ordered as a Plan B worked out perfect on the day as on the day the uniform the model had brought with him didn’t all fit properly as he had borrowed it from a friend and obviously wasn’t very well prepared himself. So having a backup uniform saved the day and thats when I realised that being well organised like I am saved my ass because otherwise the shoot could have been ruined. Lesson to anyone reading this always have a backup plan like I do because you never know, and can’t always rely on other people.

All the team arrived on time that day except the model! He was between half a hour to an hour late and this was very frustrating for me however I managed to keep my cool and kept all the team busy doing other tasks whilst we waited like test shoots, spraying the bottles with de-icer and wax ect, and getting all the uniform and props ready.

We had 4 glass coca cola bottles ready all looking different from one another. One was frosted, one was wet, one was plain and once was a combination of all the elements. This gave us plenty of different looks to work with.

Once my model arrived he apologised and we got straight to work. He was a good model but because of not being on time he is not someone I would use again unfortunately. However he completed all the poses me and the stylist wanted and listened to me clearly and we all did not stop as a team until we had everything perfect.

4 Other Unique Poses With Frosted and Wet Glass Bottles

We finished the shoot with enough time to pack away the equipment and be out the door for 4:00pm. I think at various times my tutor Chris was not sure if I would finish in time because of the model being late but I picked up my pace and he was happy for me that it all went to plan and finished on point.

If I could do the shoot again I would have perhaps liked to have shot it all on location and had something war themed as the backdrop like a war bunker or sum-thing cool. But this was a studio shoot and I had to stick to the brief and I am happy with the outcome none the less and I now have more of a passion for Advertising photography than I did before.

Not forgetting to mention that during this particular unit one of my photos from the tasks of the unit got published in the RPS magazine for February. So a big success all round and hopefully this work and effort I put in hopefully pays off to getting a descent overall mark from my tutors.


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