Photo Library – G-Drive Hand In : Part 2

Tomorrow is the day for hand in, so as a team we have all been making sure that all of the information we added as a group, is all in our designated folders.

I feel happy with my final images as these were unique and no one in the world we have the same series of images. Over time if I feel I would like to take these images further not only can I expand on characters but I can also provide them with names and personalities to give them a identity of there own.

I also provided the team with our licensing certificates/forms and a break down of what it all means. Some of this has now been added to the slides however I feel they need to add more of the information to the slides but I was told we need to keep this brief and it would look over crowded.

Photo Library G Drive Hand In.png

Photo Library – Final Meet Up

Today various members of the team including myself have agreed to meet up to finalise the presentation on Monday. Everything looks to be in place and we have now uploaded it to our google drive ready for Monday morning.

We spent a couple of hours going over the slides and deciding on any last minute changes that we needed to make. Once this was all done and in place we started to rehearse it.


Access to the presentation link is provided below : 

Once we all agreed we was happy with it and forwarded on to Liam we decided to call it a day and packed up prepared and ready for Monday morning.

Photo Library – Social Media

Our social media has now gone live and is currently up and running. Dom has taken to time to build us a website so that all of the available commands needed are intercepted into the website navigation system.

If you would like to purchase a image you can select it for checkout and send us a email underlying your exact needs for the image/images like how long you want the image for ect.

Our instagram is up and running with images that will be added daily to start building a following and keep any clients interested with up to date news,images and deals. Our presentation is 3 days from now and that is also nearly completed.

Obviously we have had a bit of a set back with our Team Leader Liam being signed off ill. However we will get new measures in line and re-aarange who is going to be talking on Monday in front of the people from Millennium Images. We currently had Liam, Becky, Tsara and Dom however we will need to work out between our group on WhatsApp or in person who will now cover Liams place.

Also a meet up with be required before Monday to go over the presentation together and make sure we have enough solid research to go along side our images.

Photo Library – Survey/Questionnaire

Becky has taken the time this evening to make a survey/questionnaire for us.

All the members of the team have been asked to share this on any forms of social media that they think will get people involved. I have just done my part and shared and I can already see that 4 other members of the team have done this as well. Becky’s target she said would be around about 100 people to answer it so that she gets enough information to create the pie charts and graphs needed for our presentation.

Photo Library – The Teams Editing & Final Images After Shooting

After shooting together on the 8th these are the images some of the other members of my team have come up with. Myself, Liam, Becky, Emily, Naphesa and Robbie have contributed to these images so far and the photo library is now well up and running.

Dom from web media will be putting the photos on the website this weekend.

Everything has been going smoothly at the moment and Tsara has informed us she will be booking the same room we used before for the 22nd November so any of the others who have not yet shot anything can get some images done and edited in time for our hand in.

Photo Library – Final Images

These are the final fully edited images for the photo library.

Im very happy with the outcome and hopefully will be able to shoot again within the next week to perhaps create some more characters.

So far I have 12 images containing 11 different characters.

Lighting was a success due to pre planning and lighting diagrams. We also worked well as a team and took it in turns to help assist each other as well as shooting.

This is the third time I have used my phase one camera now and I’m starting to get a lot more confident in using it. I now have a button on it programmed for back focus so as you can tell from the images they were all in perfect focus.

Overall I enjoyed this shoot and actually want to take a few more now as I have new idea’s for some with beards and some with hats ect. Stay Tuned!

Photo Library – Contact Sheet

After sorting through my images I have picked the best ones based on the opinion of myself and the group. I have a total of 4 double sided contact sheets with a total of 12 final selected images ready to go on the photo library website. In total I took 132 shots however as I’m still getting use to shooting still life and some of my idea’s were either poorly lit or the fruit/veg did not turn out how I wanted it to look.

The 12 final images selected were the best by far and light and composition was on point. The shadows had given the fruit/veg more depth so for now I have decided to leave the shadows in, as when taking them out on photoshop it made my images look very flat and boring.

Photo Library Contact Sheet

Photo Library – Trello

Today Dom has taken the time to make a Trello account for us to put all of our current notes and working out on to help us communicate properly between ourselves as Whats App sometimes got a bit cluttered and congested. As a team he briefed us on how to use it and a few simple Do’s and Dont’s. Dom comes from Web Media so anytime we need some advice on the technical side of things him and Richardo are our go to people. As Julien mentioned before we control the photo library but these guys are going to control the plumbing in the background making sure everything runs smoothly and works.