River Thames Mixed Lighting – Final Evaluation

This project set was probably one of my most favourite so far as my mixed lighting portraits usually come out quite well for me with a light meter and QP card. I really enjoyed working with my classmate Ed for the first time and renting out the kit from the flash centre was a good overall experience and I now no what I must do if I ever need a kit again in emergency in the future.

I had problems with CLR as expected, and I didn’t wanna waste time keep waiting for the risk assessment to be approved. I have learnt when working with someone else you can both split the cost and rent out the equipment from a store rather than depend on CLR. This will come handy in the future.

The weather turned on us at various points but we made so many plans in advance it did not really effect us. The shoot went extremely well and all on plan. If I could do it again I would make sure I took a straight up portrait as this was the only mistake I made and I only took landscapes on the day, leaving me to later adjust my image to a portrait to fit the brief.

The other mistake I made was slightly bad composition on my favourite image. In the original RAW file you will see he had a light sticking out the top of his head, I removed this with photoshop and corrected the image post production.

Im pleased with my final image overall and I’m happy with the outcome. Since uploading the images to Facebook I have had non stop compliments from friends and family. This is always a plus for me and its nice to get good feedback.

River Thames Mixed Lighting – Contact Sheet

As promised after selecting 4 images on my contact sheet and fully editing them via capture and photoshop, I sent them to the gentleman called Lewis who was the waiter/barman featured in the photos. He had explained to me and Ed that he would like the photos for his work portfolio so we had a deal from the minute I asked to take his picture. Final fully edited photos will follow the post.

Contact Sheet.jpeg

Images Sent.png

River Thames Mixed Lighting – Shoot Day!

Today has come and me and Ed was at North Greenwich at 9:00am sharp. We went for breakfast and checked the flash centre online to confirm how much we was looking at.


We obviously have to normally pay VAT on top of that but with the student discount it was going to be around just under the £40.00 mark as agreed (£20 each).

We made it to The Flash Centre for around about 10.30am and we hung around for a little while talking to Al who I usually deal with when going their. We got the kit and checked it to make sure its all working fine and Al chucked in a spare battery just in case.



It was a bit of a dull day like the weather report said but we was praying that the weather report was not wrong about the rain. Turns out it was and we had light showers every now and again that day so we started off shooting Ed’s mixed lighting portrait. Once that was done we went for a coffee and a pastry and then set back out as the weather was still stormy but currently not raining hard.

We spoke to one of the managers that was working on the day and said we had phoned them a couple of weeks ago they said it was fine but we would need to speak to whoever we wanted to shoot and ask them if it was ok. I decided I wanted to shoot the waiter as he was wearing a really nice suit but I explained it would need to be outside on the upper deck as I needed some of the thames in the background. He agreed and I also asked him if he could bring out a tray and possibly a cocktail maker and glasses. Not only did he do that but he even had a actual cocktail in it that was like a red/orange colour that was a bonus.


The deal was he had been wanting some pictures for his portfolio so once I had edited a few different styles I would send them over to his email address he gave us. Everything was set and the only problem I had was when shooting my battery was cold and for some reason was reading that I only had half a bar but this was enough still to get the job done and I had spare batteries packed anyway. So we was sufficient, professional and everything went to plan. I have to say me and Ed worked very well as a team and it was a great day.

ed test shot.png

After the shoot we decided to celebrate and went to a Spanish restaurant for drinks and managed to even get some spicy pop corn on the house too. Result! We took the kit back and then went to one last pub for a pint and then headed off in separate directions. Excellent day! just goes to show how well a day can go when you plan everything in advance.


River Thames Mixed Lighting – BBC Weather Report

So tomorrow me and Ed have decided we will go ahead with the shoot. Ed has his place all figured out and I have mine. The weather looks pretty fair for tomorrow and its our only day off during the week so it will be a good idea to shoot tomorrow keeping in mind we have all our other projects going on at the moment and we don’t want any to clash.


I will be shooting my picture library project tonight so I must make sure I don’t spend to long at uni and get home and have a good nights sleep as me and Ed have agreed to meet 9am tomorrow outside North Greenwich Station.

We plan to go for breakfast in a cafe near by and then head off to the flash centre to pick up our equipment. Then we plan to make our way to our destination to shoot and have enough time to get back to the flash centre by 5.30pm latest when they shut as we are only paying for a days hire.

I will get a lighting diagram drawn up and some sketches drawn up today, and also a equipment list. Other than that we should be all set for the morning.

River Thames Mixed Lighting – Risk Assessment Has Not Been Approved.

So after submitting a risk assessment on Friday during working hours I was hoping that I would not have any problems like last year as this was the first time this year I was actually taking kit out.

I want to get this project shot whilst I still have plenty of time left to edit ect so I submitted a request for a Quadra Ranger Kit and A Phase One 150mm lens. I already have a 80mm lens for this project but I wanted the 150mm also for personal use whilst Im out and about.

I didn’t have a project code for this particular task so I just used one of the advertising ones, I think the billboard one as I’m sure Julian would say thats fine.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 18.36.19.png

But bad news followed today and my risk assessment was not approved by Bethany Morris. She gave me a list of reasons that was once again simple little mistakes you can make but I decided screw this I will wait and see what Ed says and either this week or next we could just go to Flash Centre and rent one out for like £40 (£20 each!). This saves the hassle to be honest and they have the upgraded version thats probably much better than the ones at uni.

Back to the drawing board it is!

not approved.jpg

River Thames Mixed Lighting – Recce

Today is Sunday and as its a nice and dry day and I’ve got plenty of work done on my WordPress I decided to take a wonder into Greenwich along the thames.

There was a fair few opportunities today to have taken a photo of a guy that was a one man band in front of the river and also a opportunity to take a picture of a man in fancy dress at the Nando’s chicken shop that is also next to the river. However this area wasn’t really doing it for me and I think I prefer central as there is so much more opportunity than here.

So I set off for central on my own and decided to start near the area I shot the RNLI lifeguard at, as this area was more familiar to me. I walked up and down here for a while and also up and down the river at Southbank where we previously shot photos for Celine in year one.

The first decent location I came across was of a wall of poppy’s that was a memorial for our fallen fighters. I loved this location however to get any of the river in the shot would have been extremely tricky.

Further down I all of a sudden came across a place called “The Yacht London” and remember hearing about this boat on the news. Its well known for a lot of famous parties and events in London as well as holding formal wedding receptions.


I decided this could be a great place to get my shot and when I get home I would find a telephone number for them online and contact them and hopefully make a arrangement to take a picture of one of the members of staff.


Im not sure what member of staff would be possible to get a shot of however I could see that they have a top deck and this would be perfect for the shot I have planned in my mind.


So as soon as I got home I visited there website and found a contact phone number for them. I called them and asked to speak a manager and once I was put through I asked if there would be any chance I could shoot a member of staff.

the yacht contact.png

He was a little unsure at first but after hesitating he said that the best bet would be to come along during the daytime and speak to whoever is on duty in person. This didn’t sound assuring but he never said the words “No” so I still have a little hope left. Maybe when I come back I should get a plan B in mind just in case on the day.