Record Cover Open Brief – Final Evaluation

This evening I completed the last part of this task and sent my final cover off to the printers to collect from Ravensbourne in the morning. At the start of this task I was lost with all the idea’s I had in my mind, part of me wanted to photograph a band and part of me wanted to create something a little different as that was too easy.

In the end I went for something different and I was extremely happy I made that choice because not only did I get some really good photos for this task but I also got some really good photos for my portfolio. All of my team was happy with the final edited photos and Im also planning to meet up again with one of the models next week and he is going to help me submit the images to various magazines he knows.

With all my planning I made in advance and doing a little work on my workbook nearly every evening for this particular task, everything run smoothly and when it came to shooting on the day I was a little nervous to get started but also very hungry and couldn’t wait to get things started. I knew my team would show so that was some pressure off my mind and after a few energy drinks that morning I was ready to go!

The total cost for this task was way over budget, as I had planned to spend no more than £40/£50. In the end I ended up spending £120 just on the models and make up artists travel, breakfast and car park charges. Props cost me around about another £20 so all in all this was expensive so I knew I needed to get some good images from this and I done just that, but if I could do it all again I would be a lot tighter with money.

My knowledge on how to use the Phase One is around about the 90% mark now and investing in my own camera was definitely the right thing to do. As I said before if I own something and have something in my hands I will learn how to use it more than sometimes using someone else’s in the studio. Im looking forward to hopefully obtaining my Phase One Certified License.

The final idea was not to go with the two models on the front as this was far too much and did not look like a album cover. I had a photo of just the black model on his own and I said to myself “this is a cover photo”. After applying it to my 12×12 Template I knew straight away not only did it fit perfect but I could see what direction this cover was going.

I decided to go down the route of ‘RAP/GRIME’ music as I could imagine the model I used for the cover to be a grime artist spitting bars, making peoples parents hate the latest album there son/daughter just purchased because of all the foul language in it. I grew up listening to Eminem and Dr.Dre when I was a kid so I guess I always had the urge to create my own cover so I think thats where this idea came from in the end, was my childhood love for Rap/Grime music.

If I could do it all again I would probably shoot something slightly more fine art. However this particular cover is kinda borderline fashion/fine art and Im happy with it. I have showed friends and family back home the cover and gained there approval. Even my Dad liked it and that makes a change coming from him.

In this instance research and planning helped make the shoot go smoothly but the cover was something that kinda developed along the way and I didn’t realise what I really wanted until the very end. This was a good project and I fully enjoyed it, Im glad I pushed myself and got myself a real team than just brining in my uncle bob or mate who lives down the road, like some of the other classmates did. What I have tried explaining to them is this is a opportunity to get the experience in now otherwise when it comes to the billboard project they wont know whats hit them.

Saying that I wont speak to soon because I cannot predict the future and I don’t know how mine will even turn out yet. But wish me luck and I will keep trying my best to deliver something good.  Peace Out!

Record Cover Open Brief – Making My Cover

Yesterday evening I started to design my record cover at around about 9pm. Its now 12.34am and the next day however I have now finally finished my cover artwork.

I decided to go for the image of Kostadinos (model) where he had his eyes closed looking down. This image in particular looked like a album cover image to me so with this in mind I knew that my theme was going to be gold so I started watching tutorials and found this little gem online.

Photoshop Trciks

Now I have tried it a few times I now know it off by heart and not only did it help me with my gold for the background of the cover it also helped me with creating my text for my album titles. This tutorial was extremely easy to follow and fun!.


So after playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator I finally have a image I’m happy with and will send it to the printers now, so I can collect my 12×12 artwork tomorrow morning from uni. I decided Im going to go with Gloss Media as this will make my cover really pop and stand out even more hopefully.

Gloss Media

I have designed artwork like dvd covers and album covers in the past so I was looking forward to spending a little time on this, and now its done I look forward to seeing the print. But for now.. time to go to bed. zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Record Cover Open Brief – Final Edited Images.

After a long and gruelling 10+ hours of editing I now have 32 final images from the shoot.   I first put my images through Capture One then on to Photoshop. These were a huge success and are some of my favourite photos I have taken yet. You can see that using a Phase One medium format camera is so much better than a Canon DSLR. Im extremely happy with my latest purchase and I made the right decision.


These have now been forwarded onto the make up artist and the models. They are now also ready for me to select what one I want for my record cover, and after that I will be thinking about submitting them to some fashion magazines also.

Record Cover Final Images .jpg

Record Cover Open Brief – Shoot Day

Today was finally here and after waking up at 6:30am this morning, I set myself plenty of time to get myself ready and prepared for the day ahead. I made it into university for 8:30am and prepared all my equipment and props.

My models and make up artist arrived for 11pm start. This was due to the fact that after speaking the night before with the make up artist, she explained that each model would take roughly one hour each to prepare.

Chris & Julian (my tutors) run us through a quick demonstration of how to use some of the lights we might have not used before and answered any questions that we had before shooting.


I prepared a work table for Natalie outside of room 213 for all her makeup to be setup, and begged and borrowed a chair from the fashion department specifically for doing makeup.

I also set up my original idea from my lighting diagram and after speaking with Chris (one of my tutors) we both agreed that I should use a different light source all together and scrap the idea for the large octagon light as this would produce far too much light and I couldn’t position it overhead the way I wanted to. I ended up using one soft box overhead and this was the perfect lighting I required and I couldn’t have been happier with it.

It felt like a long day, but once I made a start everything went to plan. I shot Kostadinos first whilst Lee was having his makeup done. Then I shot them together and let Kostadinos go home whilst I continued to shoot Lee.

I paid a total of £120 to cover travel and breakfast for everyone. £60 to the MUA and £30 each to the models. I also provided them with fruit and drinks to keep them refreshed during the shoot.

They all worked to a very professional standard and did as I asked them too. To be quite honest we all made a pretty decent team today, and had fun as well as keeping everything professional, the way things should be.

After the shoot we put everything away in its cases and I proceeded to help my classmate who was shooting next. Overall it was another great day most probably down to the fact I had everything ready and was 100% organised on the day, from lighting diagrams, to sketches, to mood boards and so on. Next will be post production and then to design my cover from one of the final selected photos.

Record Cover Open Brief – Map For Parking

As the makeup artist and one of the models will be driving I have found the map of the O2 Arena online and have provided them with it just in case. I have also offered to pay for any parking charges.

Now everything is set and ready I’m off to sleep. Alarm is set for 7:00am, and I hope to get to uni for just before 9:00am to get started setting up. Make up artist and models arrive 10:00am and will take a hour or two to do the makeup. I have also emailed front of house this morning so they no I have 3 guests tomorrow and I can avoid any delays with signing them in.


Record Cover Open Brief – Creating My Record Cover Title/Logo

To create my title/logo for this project I started to look into what websites are most useful. The one I have heard a lot of graphic designers use is called . Basically you find a font you like and then download it and use it in illustrator. They are thousands to choose from and the majority are free. I have no idea what my title will be yet as I’m still working on it but I think it will be something to represent black & gold possibly.

Use to create Title To Album