Guide Dogs UK – Presentation

Today was the big day and we presented our Guide Dogs UK Presentation to the tutors, Bill and the rest of DGP Year 2.

We was second to last to present and everyone was told to go to google drive and click on the invite link for Collective Feedback On Change By Design. This allowed the whole class to leave positive feedback about what they liked in the other groups presentations and the chance to leave some constructive criticism.

Overall looking at the feedback given I think we done a excellent job at pleasing the tutors and the class, and looks like my guide dog mascot uniform left an everlasting impression on the crowd! thats advertising for you ūüėČ around about 20+ students used Snapchat and Instagram on me. I only managed to get one haha.

fluffy the mascot

Here is the feedback left for us from the class. More Positive than Improvements. I even got a compliment from another student basically saying that he wishes everyone else photos was as good as mine (comment in the improvement section).


Guide Dogs UK – Open Day :)

Today was  finally here! The day I arranged for some of the team and I, so that we can finally get the material we need to finish off our project. I was uncertain I could pull it off but as I made a deal with Guide Dogs UK that they will receive all edited photos to use on social media ect and that we would do a event for them to raise some money in the future they was more than happy to finally take us all on board.

Me , Becky, Naphesa & Liam all met each other at 9:30am behind the back of Ravensbourne as Liam had offered to drive us to Maidstone. We all arrived on time and had all of our camera equipment packed and ready the night before. So we set off on our adventure making it in Maidstone at the destination for 11:00am. We grabbed some breakfast together in a cafe near by and made our way to the event for 11:30am start.

We was some of the first people to arrive and we made ourselves known to the lady in charge that I had spoken to previously via email. We was taken to the kitchen where we set up our equipment and we was ready for action!

All of a sudden about 30+ people came through the doors and it was absolutely packed out. We had little space to move around our environment but we managed to get the job done. We made lots of new friends/contacts and one man in particular that I got talking to gave me his contact card, so that when I organise a event, himself or his partner will bring along a Guide Dog to Ravensbourne for me.


We managed to get all the shots and video footage we needed and we also got the chance to look after a guide dog each for half an hour after we was done shooting.

One of the lovely assistants offered to take a group photo for us what was very kind of her. I really like this photo and its a perfect picture to remember the great day we had together as a team. In fact I liked it so much its now my new Facebook cover photo. This is why I love Photography so much because no matter how much time passes and the world keeps changing, these photos capture that very moment and its yours to cherish and remember forever.


After this we went for Lunch in the same Cafe and then made our way home. This was a great experience overall and I’m really happy we went. We notified the rest of the team on WhatsApp that it was a success and that we had everything we need. Now we had the rest of the weekend to get everything edited and ready for the presentation on Monday.

Guide Dogs UK – Good News!

Today I have received great news! We have this Friday confirmed to get the photos/video footage we need and we can interview some of the owners, so the team are currently getting a few questions together to ask them like the dog owners opinions on using London Underground and how it feels for them ect.. and what everyday life is like for them before and after they got a guide dogs to help them.

Events are go!!!!.png

Dom (Web Design/Directer) has also been working on our website and he will be sending us some preview shots in the next couple of days, everything seems to be running smoothly now, and we are well on our way to completing this task!

Also the badges I had made arrived today as well as the tee shirts. Im really happy with the size of the badges I got made as little ones looked a bit small and dull, the only thing I couldn’t get made was the Braille on them which was a little disappointing. But still good news all round! ūüôā


Guide Dogs UK – Charity Research Questionnaire

Today one of my team called Emily King came up with a questionnaire designed to find out more information from the public on their views and knowledge on charities. This was designed so we can make pie charts on our website and develop new ideas from the information received.

Emily Questionaire .jpg

The questions are as follows –¬†

What is your gender?

How old are you?

What is your occupation?

How often do you give to charities?

Do you ever want to donate?

Do you like the method of handing change or would you rather it be contactless payment?

How much do you know about charities?

Do you always give to a specific charity?

Do you tend to give money to charities that have meaning to you?

How important do you think it is to donate money?

What do you think charities can do in order to make more people give to them?

do you know where your money goes or what it does once you’ve donated it?

would you be more likely to give to a charity if you got something back out of it?

Once it was made she shared it with out groups on Whats App and provided us with links to share on social media.

Naim and EmilyBecky

So far she has had 96 responses in total and the number keeps on growing, Dom our other team member from Web Design who also acts as our Directer, is using this data information gathered to create a online pie chart on our website also.

The only thing that has currently set us back a bit from the answers we have received from the public is that they would rather give change than tap there card. So the idea of the tap and donate campaign might have just gone out the window, however we will keep checking the results and see if the idea needs to change, stay as it is, or get completely scraped!

Good news though! I received a Guide Dogs UK charity pack I ordered last week and it came with a brochure that had a full A-Z index of every charity idea they currently have on offer to the public to help donate and raise awarness. They do not currently have a nightclub night like we thought of so I believe we have found a gap in the market! and this idea looks to be extremely popular with the publics feedback! Bingo!

Chairty Pack.JPG

Guide Dogs UK – Team Logo & Branding

The team and I got three of our members (Naim, Richardo, and Tsara) to come up with a new Logo design for re-branding the current one as it was plain and dull.

Before :


After :

Guide Dogs UK.jpeg

This image above was Naim’s design and we all loved it and decided it would work best with the colour schemes ect, and to double check we asked Bill (“Lecturer”) what his thoughts were on it and he said in his own words “I LOVE IT” so that was a very positive outcome for us, as we thought he might of had some constructive criticism for us? but he didn’t.

So now we knew this was our logo the team and I got straight to work on merchandise today and came up with lots of different designs and concepts for products and more ideas with social media ect.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-09 at 14.46.10.jpeg

Becky came up with these great tote bags/shopping bags for the supermarkets. That every bag purchased is a donation to our charity. Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi and more would all be on board as this hadn’t been done and was a good concept.

I decided to come up with the idea for teeshirts to promote the charity with our new logo on them, and Tsara decided we make some badges so I went onto ebay and got these made too. We all agreed that we would chip on together as a group and have a maximum budget of £5 each to put towards everything.

Tee Shirts.png


We also have agreed on a background music song for our video footage once it it shot also. This would be a royalty free soundtrack from youtube. We liked this song because of the upbeat tempo as we do not! want to create a sob story video , we want to do quite the opposite.

Song for Video.PNG

Guide Dogs UK – Progress and Fails!

Over the last few days we have had responses to emails ect but it has so far not been great. One of the events we were planning to go to turned out when ringing them to only be for friends and family. When we found the event on Facebook it had it in writing “friends and family” and the only way we would have got access is if one of us was blind/partially sighted or knew someone that was so it was a good job that I phoned them, as when we read it via email it never mentioned this and neither did Lisa (the lady who works for the london branch). So that event is off the list.

Failed Guide Dogs Friends and Family.png

The next event we was unsuccessful with was the Guide Dogs Helper Event. When we phoned about that one we was told by another member of staff that this wasn’t really a opportunity to get photographs and that they wanted people that could put in 2-3 hours every week to help walk the blind people around, and that us taking pictures would not help?

We was starting to get the feeling this Charity does not want to help us! Even Julian brought up how ironic that was considering the charities always pester us in the streets.

Guide Dogs Helper.png

We was running out of events and idea’s so it was time to send another email to Lisa!

Another Email.png

To which she responded finally.

Email Replies.png

This was not going well, so it now looks like Maidstone is our last resort. So i got on to messaging them straight away without delay and a lady called Nicola got back to me pretty sharpish.


We was definitely up for the event on the 20th as we was running out of options and time. So I replied with this. Hopefully she responds back soon.

quick reply.png

After doing a little digging online I managed to find the Maidstone Facebook page for Guide Dogs UK. Would you believe it I even managed to find the event, so were all set now. Me, Liam and Becky will be meeting at my place in Greenwich and Liam will be driving us to Maidstone where we plan to spend the day with the maidstone Guide Dogs UK team.


This is our real last chance with the actual charity themselves so we will give this everything we got as me and Liam still currently have not managed to get any photos or video content. Cant say we haven’t been trying though!

Research Part 4 : The Creative Collaboration Team for Guide Dogs UK

So far we have got off to a great start and we are nearly roughly half way to the finish line!

Today we had a tutorial and got the chance to see Julian and pitch to him our idea’s. At first it got off to a slow start but once he listened to us take it in turns to pitch our idea’s he understood what we was aiming at and agreed that so far we have done well but we need to go into detail more, and try to make some visits in person to these charity’s or other services available to people with disability to get a broader idea of it all.

After this was over we headed to the library to work together on research and send emails out to companies ect. We also shared any idea’s we had with how to brand our charity.

Naim Heerah managed to find some information on the different types of dogs that you could see around the tube ect and what the different coats they wear represent.

Guide Dogs Transport for London

Also we took a look at current sponsor forms that are available to the public and we traded idea’s of how we could re-create one that might be a little more appealing to the public and explain more information of what the donation they give does for the charity. Plus we agreed the the positing of the text and images is all wrong just like the website and could be more organised. We had idea of maybe a actual leaflet with the form attached as this particular sponsor form we felt was not enough.

Guide Dog Sponser Forms.jpg

Becky also shared with the group the images that her and Emily had taken, and we agreed it was now Robbie and Reece’s job to do the post production on them as they felt confident with retouching. Heres are some examples of images taken by Becky –