Photo Films – Think,Feel,Do!

In todays lesson we had Matt teach us a little bit about adverts in advertising and the 3 key elements in brand analysis Think,Feel and Do.


We started off watching various tv commercials and then we were put in groups of 3 and given a product each. My group ended up with a Omega watch and it was our objective to analyse it using the think, feel, do chart.


Once we did that we then had to pass on our item and chart to another group and then design a story board for the item they had given to us.

We ended up with a wind up torch and came up with the idea about a family lost in a forest with a normal torch and no batteries and a little boy comes to the rescue with this wind up torch from IKEA to save the day.

However this idea was later refined and the little boy became a cartoon fox and I think it did actually kinda work more to be honest.


We then swapped items again with another group, and this was the part where we had to refine the storyboard they had created and put the ideas past them as our client. The product they had was a kids bouncy football and they had come up with the idea about a little kid playing outside with a toy piano that breaks and he starts to cry and the family comes over and hands him a bouncy football.

We decided as a team that this idea was ok but instead of the kid already outside, we wanted it to start off with him in side a dark room playing with the piano and it breaks and then his parents ask him to go outside and hand him a football to play with.

The other group after some persuasion decided to go with our idea and then we had to pitch the idea to the entire class. We used music in our pitch and actions to give the class a bit more idea of what we was trying to get across and build the image in there heads.

Finally Matt then asked us in the last 5 minutes we had left of class to come up with a quick storyboard idea of advert to sell a product of our own choice. Me and Ed both decided on the idea of Va-POO-riser.

This idea was a product created in a comedy advertising film called Envy so technically it wasn’t a real product no, however it had been invented by Jack black in the film and the storyboard we created reflected that product but was completely our own commercial idea.

The funny part is the entire class and our tutor was convinced it was a product we had come up with so we kinda pulled the wool over their eyes lol, if only they had seen the film back in 2004! If it was really our idea and actually worked we would have been on Dragons Den by now.

Overall this was a really good lesson today and I think me,the whole class and Matt really enjoyed it. More lessons like this one please!

Photo Films – Task 3

Today I have dedicated the my Saturday to working on Task 3 editing my groups footage from the interview we did with Will in class.

Task 3 required us to take all of the recorded scenes and edit them all together with music if we please and create a short video then exported to a mp4 file for hand in.


I applied all the techniques Matt taught us in the previous classes (above) and after around about 3 hours editing I finally had everything in place and running fairly smoothly.

It was quite difficult getting use to Premier as its not a program I am familiar with at all and I am a complete Newbie! but I’m getting their slowly & gradually and I believe this was a successful first attempt at making a short video.

Here is the finished product (below). The main problem I come across was I run out of footage we shot in Stratford to add to the interview footage, so I had to play around with the scenes a little and some scenes look slightly similar however none are exact doubles.

Once converted to a mp4 file I uploaded the video to my student youtube account. I then copy and pasted the link from youtube and applied it to the graph our Tutor Matt had created for our submissions.

hand in.png

As you can see from the graph (Mine is at the bottom) I am currently up to date with all my work/tasks for this unit so far. Im looking forward to shooting a short film with my group and the main projects will be underway very soon. Stay tuned…

Photo Films – Editing Sound With Video

In todays lesson our tutor Matt taught us how to merge the sound files we recorded with the video files we filmed.

We done this by following step to step advice and we was also taught to make separate folders for all of our files so we were more organised when it comes to editing multiple files..


After that part of the lesson was complete we went into groups of 3-4 and continued from where everyone left off yesterday.


In my group I was with Will,Cat & Olivia. Will was our character, Cat handled sound, Olivia was our videographer and I was the interviewer.

The questions we wrote down and asked will was :

  1. What are your main motivations for doing athletics?
  2. What do you most enjoy about athletics?
  3. What have been your major highlights/achievements in athletics?
  4. What are some of your long-term goals?
  5. What do you feel are your main strengths in athletics?
  6. What areas do you feel that you need improvement in?
  7. What do you think about the recent doping scandal?
  8. What advice can you give to any young aspiring athletes?

Once Will had answered the questions and we had the footage needed we set off to Olympic Stadium to get some footage of Will walking around the area to edit into the interview scenes.

We did get approached by a security guard but explained we was shooting for a university project. The gentleman said it was ok this time but in future we need t email ahead and ask for the permission in writing.

All in all it was a good lesson and we believe we have everything we need now to start making our edited videos.

Photo Films – Task 2


Today for Task 2 I decided I would involve my family again. Last time I used my daughter, this time I have asked my mum and dad to let me record them.

I shot my mum with a 24mm to get the whole front room in at her house. I used a 50mm to shoot my Dad in the garden with the hose. My favourite is the one of my Mother however the one of my Dad did not come out as good as I imagined it so if I could shoot again I would change the angle and perhaps have the spray setting different on the hose.


These have become easy to create now I have practiced a few times. I decided that I would like to make one with fire soon so I will wait to see what other tasks come up.

Photo Films – Cinemagraphs

Today in Matts lesson we showed the class the footage we made for Task 1 in turns. Once we did that we then learnt how to then edit our footage in Premiere Pro. This was all quite straight forward and very easy to pick up.

We then went on to learning about Cinemagraphs and after downloading a zip file with some examples Matt made, we then were taught how to edit them in Photoshop to make our very first GIF file.




I then decided to give it a quick go with the footage I shot from task one and see if I could make my daughter open and close her eyes. It was kind messed up compared to the ones Matt made as my daughter was not sitting still when I recorded her so I think this Cinemagraph was slightly off and could have also done with being slowed down as it was way to fast , but again this is only practice and I will get their eventually.


After lunch we were given the opportunity to either stay inside or go outside in teams of two and shoot some more creative Cinemagraphs. I worked with Elvinas and our final chosen Cinemagraph had a slight sense of humour to it and made the class laugh. However we found the editing to this one tricky and we had to find a few tutorials online to fix a problem we encountered when looping.


Photo Films – Task 1

Today I decided to give Task 1 a go and as my Daughter was round visiting at my parents house I thought I would take the opportunity to record her. I wrote out what I wanted to ask her, and I went over the questions with her a few times until they stuck in her head.

She was more than happy to help me and after setting up it took me roughly 20 minutes to get the task done and obtain the footage needed.

Once completed, I didn’t realise until she went home that this is not really a portrait of motion. I realised that I need various different shots with her and more movement, perhaps a little background music too.

Its all trial and error though and Im sure I have taken something away from this task and learnt from it. I just need to make sure next time to try a little harder.

Photo Films – A Introduction

Today was the introduction to our new unit on Photo Films with Matt. This is the first time so far this year that we have had Matt teaching us again, and we all knew this was going to be a fun and exciting unit and couldn’t wait to get started. So far since starting University we have only concentrated on Photography stills but now for the first time we finally have the chance to learn about Photo Film/Motion photography practices.

We started off today looking at aspect ratio, frame size, frame rates, shutter speed, composition and exposure workflow. We was told to always use prime lenses when shooting as zoom lenses are messy indwell make outwork look like home videos.

We were set our first Task to complete by the next time we have lesson with Matt again (two weeks time). This was to capture a portrait in motion and then over the course of the next lesson we would learn how to import it into premiere pro and edit the footage.

Matt also provided up with a great website for inspiration –

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 23.29.38.png

My first initial thoughts on this unit was that I am very keen and excited to learn something new and I know how much we will all benefit from these lessons. Every Pro Photographer these days needs to work with photo film at some point in his/her career and these tasks for the unit will help prepare us for the real world.

Remember knowledge is power and with video embedded on our websites this will help us to appear in more search results and get more traffic to our websites.

Straight after lunch I decided to rent some equipment out ready for Task 1 as everyone else currently has a DSLR that can shoot film except me. My Phase One camera will be no good for this unit unfortunately so over the next few months I realised I better get use to renting from CLR more.

I will be picking up the equipment tomorrow and then get started on who I want to shoot for task 1. I currently have either the idea of shooting my friend thats a artist or my daughter. Either one of these should be great practice and Im really looking forward to it.

Collect Equipment 10am.png