National Trust – Final Edit : Birling Gap and The Seven Sisters

With this final edit and the last of my posters completed you will notice I have changed some images from previous ones and also created a new main cover photo for this poster.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 00.39.40.pngBorder 1.png

The images now represent the area better than they previously did, and give you a story behind each image. Again these posters are to show preservation, culture and heritage that the National Trust has taken on board for future generations to come and admire and protect these beautiful landscapes along our coastlines.

This brings me to the end of my editing and this is probably the most work I’ve put into a project yet, I just hope it pays off when it comes to marking it.

National Trust – Final Shoot Day 4 : White Cliffs Of Dover

I decided to have a day of rest once I made my way back from Bournemouth yestaurday on The National Express and made my way to my parents house. I checked my equipment over before I went to bed that evening and made sure all the batteries were fully charged and everything was functional. The weather forecast looked a little rough however I couldn’t afford to waste another day as the equipment from the flash centre was due for return tomorrow.

Dover 2 Checklist.JPG

Todays aim was to re-visit The White Cliffs Of Dover with this 35mm and take some new photos and replace ones that I had agreed with my tutors were not as good as the rest and could do with replacing.

My father had agreed to give me a lift like last time to Dover, however this time he was planning to stay in the car and wait for me which was nice of him. I wouldn’t need as long today anyway and I knew exactly what pictures I needed and how far exactly to go.

The weather was still terrible and had made the mud everywhere almost impossible to walk on, I think I fell over again today a fair few times you can see why in the pictures below.

Then I decided to record a video of myself just explaining my progress so far. The video gets cut off due to a incoming phone-call from my father to ask if I was all ok as I had been gone for a fair few hours again. I told him I was fine and at that point I had taken the photos I needed and was on my way back.

When I say in the video I tried going to Purbeck yesterday that was incorrect and I was meant to say the day before, think the weather was too cold and slowly getting to my brain haha.

I finished up in this part of the white cliffs with a portrait shot on the lady that works behind the desk for the carpark on the way in and out as you come up to the cliffs. She questioned me at first but I showed her my student ID and explained to her that the images of her would not be published or appear on social media like Facebook and that they are only to hand in for my project.

My dad took me slightly further down the road and we across a place called Samphire Hoe. This place is where you can find the flooding defence system to protect the area.


It also had its own museum similar to the one I visited in Lulworth Cove with more fascinating information on coastal erosion ect.



After I looked around here, me and my father decided it was time to go home and call it a day as the rain was also starting to come down harder now than before.

Below is my final Brochure I made :

The first photo shows the main part of the White Cliffs and was such a great shot that even though I took this during my Recce I couldn’t get one better than that, so I knew it was a keeper straight away.

The second image features what coastal erosion done to the old train line. This image to me is historic and tells a story just by looking at it.

The third, fourth, and fifth smaller portrait images tell stories that are also connected to the area. The crosses/poppy image is where someone went over the edge due to the cliffs breaking away from erosion. The middle image is a watch tower with a telescope inside that allows people that are potential jumpers to be spotted and then the authorities are alerted. The third and final image out of the three shows a cliff that has a man made tunnel through it connecting you from The White Cliffs Of Dover main area to Samphire Hoe.

The sixth image shows a close up on the coastal erosion in the area, this photo gives you more of a idea of what type of chalk it is and how easily it crumbles due to severe weather conditions.

The final image is the lady that greets all incoming visitors and gives you your ticket for the carpark and also supplies you with a map on the area.

All together this Brochure was my most important part of this project as it concentrates on Coastal Erosion and telling a story as to what National Trust want to achieve with preserving the area, and how dangerous it has become as well as how beautiful it has become. A real mixture or History, Heritage, and Preservation. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 00.38.32.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-03 at 00.38.35.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-03 at 00.38.39.png

Update Insta.png

Border 2.jpg

p.s one last thing… notice how with these 3 images I have a constant continues line in the background. Yes that was on purpose and hopefully leaves the viewer feeling these images are even more connected. Literally.  Also going from thick fog to a clear sky day.

National Trust – Final Shoot Day 3 : Isle Of Purbeck / Cancelled Due To Bad Weather Conditions

This morning I had set my alarm a little later than usual and woke up at 9:00am. I made it to breakfast all ok but the weather was terrible. The weather forecast said light drizzle ect however the weather was awful and it kept raining. This is not the kind of weather I’m prepared to shoot in. I thought maybe if I give it more time it might stop and brighten up?


I waited and waited and it was now lunchtime and the weather had only gotten worse. I will sitting editing downstairs in the lobby area looking out the window with a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. I made the decision that today was a fail.. and as I’m on my own I’m not prepared to go out in that weather especially to walk around cliffs ect its just a no for me. I was disappointed but I did not want to waste the day.

I got in contact with my old friend Paul and asked him if he would like to meet up. As its a Sunday I guessed he would more than likely not be working and as he lives in Dorset he wouldn’t have to far to travel. It was a long shot but I sent him a nice message and explained I was in the area shooting a project for University and it would be nice to see him.

We ended up meeting up and going to the Arcades on Bournemouth Pier and decided to spend most of the afternoon their. We caught up on old times and patched up a friendship that was broken for the last 4 years. I believe in fate sometimes and the bad weather today really pushed me into making arrangements with him to meet up and I’m glad this happened now because during the summer I have plans to meet up with him again and see him properly.

4 years had passed but we both were still exactly the same as we left off just a little older and preferably more wiser. I showed him my photos so far and he loved them. He said to me they was better than the photos in the little book I had on this place lol.

He joined me for dinner in the evening as I offered to pay for him as I hadn’t seen him in so long and he was worse off for money than I am. It cost me a extra £20 but you cant put a price on friendship and funny enough it was the best 3 course meal they had made since I had been here, and I actually got cheesecake tonight as well! Result!

I explained to him that I had rented out equipment from the Flash Centre in London and it needed to be returned soon so that I was planning to get a ticket tonight online and return tomorrow. I said my goodbyes to him and we parted ways until next time.

This trip had been exactly what I needed and I managed to get my work done all on my own (well most of it!) and even get a day out of it seeing a old friend. This has truly been great and I’m glad I pushed myself a little further on this project than I would normally like to venture on my own.

National Trust – Final Shoot Day 2 : Durdle Door & Lulworth Cove

Today I was up at 5am after setting my alarm the night before. I didn’t have a great nites sleep as I think the bed could get taking some use to it but other than that everything was good.  Equipment list was checked off and everything was ready.


I went downstairs had my breakfast collected my bags and headed off out.

So I managed to get the bus into Swanage and it took a very long time, but I was able to make plans on my laptop of what I wanted to see and do when I get their.

Durdle Door was the first location I picked for today, it was meant to be Isle Of Purbeck but the weather was looking like it could be gloomy tomorrow so I thought its best to get these ones done today as they were the best locations and if I had time for Purbeck as well I could hit it up on the way.

My favourite image from this was actually the last one of the smaller images I used of everyone climbing up the massive cliff side. I was so surprised that National Trust hadn’t pull up any railings ect for peoples safety but it looked scary so I had to go and climb it as well and the view from the top is what helped in me getting my lovely cover photo for this poster.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 00.39.57

Border 5.png

Durdle Door did not disappoint and after I packed up it was time to move on to the next place Lulworth Cove. The hardest part was the editing and taking the people out of the beach on Photoshop.


After another bus journey I arrived to what looked like a little town??? But the driver had explained to me that you had to walk through the town to get to the Lulworth Cove.

Im not gonna lie I was really excited but first I decided to sit down in a cafe and have a cream tea 🙂 and boy was it tasty! The lady even gave me 3 scones rather than 2 as it was going to be a odd one on its own and these were the last 3 they had left… keeping in mind this was lunchtime thats pretty shocking they had already run out but the hospitality and food here was grand so I’m not surprised.



Best part was this only cost me £5.00! So this made a really good start to my day and then things got even better.

I found out off some other older lady that just down the road a little more on the other side of the little town was a museum. ON CLIFF EROSION!!!!!!!! How crazy is that! and its free to look at so I got stuck right in as this was going to be perfect to put on my workbook.

Everything here was completely relevant to my project and this is the kind of place that had all the answers. It contained so many fascinating facts and I really enjoyed walking around looking at it.

Just as I was leaving I saw the older lady that recommended the place to me and realised she was the one that was normally working at the desk but it was closed for lunch and she was in the same Cafe as me. I thanked her and now I was looking forward to Lulworth Cove even more. I was in a very good mood 🙂



So after sign after sign I realised I was definitely on the right path because this was leading me to the sea and the end of the road. I walked up a few hills and then finally to my amazement I was here! It was a little strange to think that this country has such amazing places like this!

I originally thought I would fail this project if I done it on boring places in the UK but I was wrong! This trip is great! Part of me wishes that I had someone with me to share the experience but another part of me thinks Im sometimes better off on my own from now on. I can do what I want when I want and I only have to worry about myself.





So upon arrival things were going great… and then a problem happened.

I managed to slip over quite badly but luckily I saved the Camera with the other hand and went down on my other side getting completely covered in mud. I asked a old couple that was concerned for me, if it was ok if they would take a picture on me on my phone for me so I can send it to my parents and show them what I had done.

I told them how my parents had literally got this coat cleaned for me a week before I left. Trust me the picture doesn’t look as bad as it actually was. I was just happy at most that I didn’t break the camera or the rented lens. Surely I should be more happy I didant break any bones right? Or die.


So after taking my pictures here that I needed, and admiring this amazing place I was confident I had the images I wanted. Each one had its own story and when you put them all together they tell the story of Lulworth Cove and its Coastal Erosion.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 00.40.47.png

Today I walked all over and when I finally made it back to the Hotel that evening I was completely shattered. I arrived to dinner late and apologised the waitress said it was fine and I still got my 3 course meal. However I paid a little extra tonight and treated myself to a bottle of wine.

Im pretty tired but the drink has kicked in and I decided to edit my pictures whilst watching the entertainment. Tonight was singing again and it was stuff like The Beatles and Elvis songs so I couldn’t complain. One thing I noticed though is this Hotel has a lot of old people staying here, the price is great for the service but I think this is a older persons place, it was kind of like a posh old peoples home. Again cant complain! When I get old.. if I get old.. I will have a place in Bournemouth to retreat too when times get hard at a very affordable price. I will be leaving this place a good review.

I have now finished the bottle to myself and updated my work book so all is good and I feel pretty tipsy but in a good mood and its time for bed. This project is going really well and I don’t feel worried anymore as Im getting the content I thought wouldn’t be possible. Planning works! Night.. Night…

National Trust – Final Shoot Day 1 : Old Harry Rocks

Todays the day and after waking up nice and early I checked the weather forecast on my phone and made my way to Victoria Coach Station. The journey lasted roughly just over two hours and once I arrived I made my way to the hotel via a local taxi from Bournemouth Coach Park.

I arrived at the Hotel and my first impressions were very good 🙂 for a 3 star hotel I have to say it felt more like a 4 Star. I opened up my Laptop printed off my maps at Reception, Packed my Dorset Coast book, went over my checklist (above) one more time to make sure I had everything I needed and I headed off out to my first location.

I wouldn’t have a full day but still enough time for this particular location. The walk took a little longer than expected at around about two hours and forty five minutes in total including the ferry but all in all it was lovely weather so I didn’t mind at all.

The only thing I forgot was my bloody umbrella but that was ok luckily this time round because I didn’t have one slight bit of rain the whole time I was their.

Sign 2

Sign 1

Old Harry Rocks was a lovely place to visit though I was limited on what I could shoot whilst I was their. One thing I noticed straight away was the tourists just like the locations back in Kent. This time it was a bunch of german kids on a school trip that was getting in the way of my shots so I had to wait a while for them to move on. They decided to sit on the edge of the cliffs probably not the smartest of idea’s but they should no better.

One person whilst I was their decided to start taking pictures of me from the distance. His name was jack and he had a Nikon around his neck and asked me when he plucked up the courage if I was shooting with a Hasselblad. I told him that this was a Phase One but he had not heard of the brand??? So I told him a bit about it and thanked him for the images he sent me and then we parted ways.

I still don’t get why he was taking more pictures on his iPad than with his Nikon? But at least I have some photos for my workbook from it. I got a awful lot of attention whilst here but he was the only person to actually approach me and speak to me which was nice of him even though he was being kind of nosey.


Once I had got all the shots I wanted the shoot was complete. I made my way back, went over on the Ferry and then decided to get a Taxi the rest of the way as I couldn’t be bothered to walk anymore. I was knackered.

As soon as I was back at the hotel it was almost time for dinner, so I went down and enjoyed 3 courses that was included in the price I paid for the hotel and then a free coffee to finish with. I didn’t feel I wanted to watch the entertainment as It was just some guy singing so I went back to the room and done all my editing for this first poster and I couldn’t be happier as this was done in just half a day! and still came out great.

My favourite image was the one I ended up using for the main picture with the couple standing right bang in the middle of the cliff. I will be honest this was part good timing and part pure luck! But I was extremely happy with the outcome. Weather was brilliant and I couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 00.40.29

National Trust – Research & Inspiration Part 6 : Quadrophenia – A Way Of Life


After being recommended to watch this film again by Julian (My Tutor) for research and inspiration for the project I was happy that I did watch it again. As I have got older I obviously understand the film better than I did all them years ago when I watched it last. Im never usually a fan of watching the same film twice but sometimes it makes sense to especially when I was around about 15 when I watched it last and I’m now 29.

Its basically about a London youth Jimmy Cooper (Phil Daniels) who escapes the drudgery of his postal job as a member of the Mods, a sharply dressed gang constantly at odds with their rivals, the Rockers. When the Mods and Rockers clash in the coastal town of Brighton, England, it leads to both trouble and an encounter with the lovely Steph (Leslie Ash). Returning to London, Jimmy, who aspires to be like Mod leader Ace Face (Sting), becomes even more disillusioned and longs to return to Brighton.

The link to the full film I watched is below and afterwards I read up on a few articles about the film like a then and now of what the stars from this film look like. Also I have found that there could be a chance of a Quadrophenia 2 all these years later but I will only believe that when I see it with my own eyes as articles from the papers aren’t always legit and there has been much speculation if a second film is happening or not I mean they have taken there time with it haven’t they!?

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 19.02.14.png

Another interesting video on youtube this time was all the locations being re-visted in 2017 (below)

In my eyes this is a all time classic and I can see why Julian wanted me to re-watch it however the part in relation to this project is our main character jimmy going over the edge on the cliff. I too nearly fell of the edge of the cliff many a time during this project and I now see the relation Julian wanted me to see to the film lol however I didn’t have a bike just my Phase One camera to go with me probably costing more than the bike.

Question is though.. Did he actually go over the edge?

National Trust – Flash Centre Rentals

Today is the day before I go away for my trip to lovely Dorset. It also means that it was time to go and pick up the rental equipment needed for this project.

A 35mm lens is required for my landscapes as well as using my 80mm lens for any close up shots. Also a sturdy lightweight tripod was required and a shutter release cable.

I rang the Flash Centre to check all the items were available and in stock and then made my way to them to pick up everything I needed.


As I have built a good relationship with the staff at the Flash Centre they were more than happy to only charge me for 3 days even though I was borrowing the equipment for 7 Days. Also my student account didn’t cover taking out equipment this high in price so once again they were kind enough to trust me and let me have everything I needed still.


This bad boy is what its all about! 35mm Blue Ring Lens perfect for shooting landscapes. The price was high to rent it but it should pay off in the long run once the project is complete.

The tripod I decided to go with was a trusty Manfrotto and Al helped give me the right advice on what one to choose. I did not need a heavy duty one after all as long as it was sturdy he said thats all I would need. To be honest I’m happy to agree as I will be hiking quite long distances so the less weight on my back the better.

So now I’m all set and have every item of equipment required for this project to go to plan. The only thing that can stand in my way now is the weather but using my apps that I was told to download by my tutors I have managed to avoid any heavy rain yet and couldn’t be happier as I was originally quite scared due to what time of year we were shooting this project. Planning is key! and the results couldn’t be better!

Billboard & National Trust – Advertising Photo Tutorials x4

So far I have attended one tutorial with Chris and one with Julian. I went over my work with both of them and so far I have had nothing but positive feedback. They have both told me to keep up the work and both no that I have these two projects under control.

Today I have booked two more sessions ready for me to go over the final stages of both projects with them before hand in. So far so good by the looks of things!

Screenshot T.png

Photo Films – Editing Sound With Video

In todays lesson our tutor Matt taught us how to merge the sound files we recorded with the video files we filmed.

We done this by following step to step advice and we was also taught to make separate folders for all of our files so we were more organised when it comes to editing multiple files..


After that part of the lesson was complete we went into groups of 3-4 and continued from where everyone left off yesterday.


In my group I was with Will,Cat & Olivia. Will was our character, Cat handled sound, Olivia was our videographer and I was the interviewer.

The questions we wrote down and asked will was :

  1. What are your main motivations for doing athletics?
  2. What do you most enjoy about athletics?
  3. What have been your major highlights/achievements in athletics?
  4. What are some of your long-term goals?
  5. What do you feel are your main strengths in athletics?
  6. What areas do you feel that you need improvement in?
  7. What do you think about the recent doping scandal?
  8. What advice can you give to any young aspiring athletes?

Once Will had answered the questions and we had the footage needed we set off to Olympic Stadium to get some footage of Will walking around the area to edit into the interview scenes.

We did get approached by a security guard but explained we was shooting for a university project. The gentleman said it was ok this time but in future we need t email ahead and ask for the permission in writing.

All in all it was a good lesson and we believe we have everything we need now to start making our edited videos.

Billboard – Practice Editing on Capture & Photoshop

Today I Thought I would have a little play around with the editing.

First of all I wanted to try and pick a image out of all my shots that best represented a similar pose to the Lord Kitchner poster.

After finding the perfect shot I decided to then play around with Colour Grading as the original image was too harsh on colour and I needed to re-adjust the saturation and colours.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 01.28.40

Then I decided to do a quick edit on the badge on his hat and the moustache. To get a idea if thats the look I wanted to go for.

It Looks kind of ok for a rough design now, but I plan to spend the whole of next week editing this properly until I get it perfect.

I then went onto working on the raw file picture of the Badge shot separate as I had lost it on the day and couldn’t attach it to the hate, I cut it out on here ready to fix onto the final image via photoshop.

Cut 1.png

and I also have designed the slogan I want on my final version of the billboard for my workbook. This will be wrote in the Coca Cola writing extracted from various letters on the website and recreated in photoshop as a PNG file. Featuring the words “From Zero To Hero”. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates on here.